Outside in.

Outside and inside are merging.

In Milan, it was evident that gardens, terraces and balconies are increasingly being interpreted as an extension of the living space. The days of beer tent furniture and monobloc plastic chairs are definitely over. Outdoor furniture came under the spotlight as one of the many coronavirus-related features.


Terraces and balconies have become popular lounge areas during the pandemic. Even the smallest balcony felt like a recreational area in the lockdown. "The significance of outdoor areas has changed considerably as a result," says Harald Klüh. "It is therefore not surprising that in the winter of 2020/2021, about 60 % more barbecues were sold than in the same period the year before." With the increase in the significance of outdoor life, the demands on the furniture used there also increased.

During our tour in Milan, we found that classic garden furniture is not being used and is being replaced by stylish outdoor furniture collections that would easily pass as household furniture. From kitchens, lounge furniture, tables, chairs and cushions, it was often hard to see if a piece of furniture belongs inside or outside. But not only that: Outdoor furniture is about to move into the living space. According to the motto: "What looks good outside and defies the weather is always suitable to enhance the living area and the kitchen."



outside in.

Does it really matter to the outdoor kitchen whether it is used outdoors or indoors? It doesn't. The new M1 from SACHI is the best reference for that.


VERSACE presents
durable seating
for covered outdoor


What is striking is that outdoor kitchens are now designed in the same way as their indoor counterparts: they offer aesthetic elegance, reliable function, high-quality materials and durable surfaces. At SCAVOLINI we even found a kitchen line that is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. Vittore Niolu's "Formalia" kitchen exemplifies the fact that modern design can function equally well across all living areas.

In addition, they are weather- and water-resistant - the absence of wood makes this possible. In this respect, it is obvious that outdoor kitchens and cabinets are increasingly used in living areas.


"Formalia enables the pleasure of social gatherings even in the open."

Vittore Niolu

GANDIABLASCO presented a weatherproof seating collection that can also impress in the living area.

Today in the living room, tomorrow on the terrace. Flexibility means not having to think about where a piece of furniture can be used.

We discovered a fantastic example of this very way of thinking at GANDIABLASCO: The 'Onsen' seating collection, designed by Francesco Meda and David Quincoces, blends harmoniously into various architectural spaces - indoors and outdoors. The weatherproof designer pieces can be used both in the living room and outdoors. They form a sort of bridge between the outside and the inside. Thanks to the right materials.


Outdoors and indoors are converging in terms of design as well as when choosing surfaces and materials.