The unsung heroes: Accessories.

Their real task is to simulate everyday life. But in Milan it became clear once again: Accessories are much more than invigorating decoration. The effect of these little gems should not be underestimated. They can change the character of entire exhibitions...


It almost seemed as if a kind of competition had broken out between the exhibitors as to who actually had the nicest accessories. The small additions play an increasingly important role in modern interior design. Harald Klüh even finds that "accessories are like spices that work like flavour enhancers, which make the menu of furniture presentation into a taste experience".

If you looked closely, there were countless little gems to discover in the halls. Some of the exhibition stands were memorable just for their extraordinary accessories. "Some of the objects were arranged so lovingly and artistically that you hardly noticed the furniture any more," recalls Harald Klüh. "In fact, what we call 'supplementism' is no longer a trend, but has become a real boom in recent years." The equipment boom alone is worth the trip to Milan. Because accessories manufacturers are constantly reinventing themselves. Fantastic.




The influence of accessories on the appreciation of furniture and kitchens is immense. MOLTENI & C are true specialists when it comes to curating the right objects.



It was noteworthy that most manufacturers relied on accessories in Wabi-Sabi design. As if they wanted to give their furniture a certain naturalness with deliberate imperfections.

Here Granny's old silver cutlery was on display, there a wicker bowl. "The immediate comparison of perfection and natural fallibility with ageing and asymmetry was breathtaking," says Harald Klüh. He is convinced that furniture designers are already inventing more and more open shelves and cabinets because of the accessories, "because these fantastic objects are simply too beautiful to hide behind a panel".


"Beauty is the sum of many lovingly designed details."

Gabriele Centazzo


There are no limits to creativity when choosing accessories. Whatever seems appropriate to demonstrate the desired positioning of the furniture collection is permitted.

Attracting attention is important, but not everything. First and foremost, it is important to surround yourself with things that will be remembered. Every detail, no matter how small, adds to the bigger picture. The results of this could be admired in many places in Milan.

Sculptural works of art are popular accessories, because they polarise and thus attract attention.

Accessories with irregular surfaces, with signs of use and patina create a clear contrast with the most severe geometrical furniture designs.