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Milan Design Week 2022 Trend Monitor.

Milan Design Week is one of the most important trend barometers for the furniture industry. Which trends the exhibitions in the city and in the halls of EuroCucina and Salone del Mobile determined, what was new and what we noticed - all this can be found here...

Curated by Harald Klüh
Photographed by Jens Ellensohn

Design is Milano is Design.

This telling phrase, which we discovered on a poster in Brera, sums it all up. Ideas become innovations or trends only when they are implemented, when they are transmitted into the physical world and presented to a larger audience. That's the great task of Milan: That the creative minds of this world present their latest works there. Be it architects, fashion designers, interior designers or furniture designers. Milan is an inspiration. In more ways than one.

EuroCucina and Salone del Mobile 2022

Interior and design trends.

Those who believe they can determine trends accurately are wrong. All the more so when it comes to making predictions. Our goal is to act as a trend observer and to present our subjective view to all who are interested in current trends.

What is different today compared to yesterday? This is the real challenge in trend scouting: Trends are relevant in the context of the past without exception. In this respect, it is a comparison of current developments with past ones. With recent observations in the past few years and historical artistic tendencies of the centuries before. Whether Bauhaus, Renaissance, Dadaism or Art Nouveau - everything will come round again at some point. For example, with maximalism, some of the principles of the Renaissance are returning. Or is it the colourful world of the Pharaohs? Anyway. There is much to discover.


Have fun...

Interior and design trends 2022

Playful Diversity.

So how can you summarise Milano Design Week? Which umbrella covers the trends that have been observed? Harald Klüh, Global Brand Manager of GRASS, has found a name for it: "Playful diversity" is what he calls the diversity that was on display in Milan.

Playful Diversity.

Anything is possible. Everything is there.

"The bouquet is even more colourful, even wider, even finer. There are hardly any new flowers, but the combinations are all the more interesting." This is how Harald Klüh sums up his experience of this year's edition of EuroCucina and Salone del Mobile in Milan.

The furniture industry currently offers a diversity that has rarely existed before. "Either-or" has given way to "both". Although there are hardly any new design trends, the playful interaction of old and new, of minimalist and maximalist, of natural and artificial leads to a kind of polymorphic Zeitgeist that allows and includes all influences. This is refreshing and revitalising.



In addition to minimalist elegance, there was also pop art to admire here and there: The interplay between kitsch, colour and folklore.


Vertical Patterns.

Vertical patterns and structures were almost everywhere. In the furniture itself and often in the stand design too.


Muted Colors.

Milan was much more colourful than it used to be. But not bright. The matt-covered colour shades looked like a tribute to the Le Corbusier colour system.


Wabi Sabi.

Japanese Wabi-Sabi design has a centuries-long tradition and was absolutely ubiquitous with the accessories.


Outside in.

The border between outside and inside is blurring. Outdoor solutions are moving into living spaces…


Worktop Shelves.

The closer the utensils are, the shorter the distance. The storage spaces seem to be getting closer and closer to the work area.


Seethrough Fronts.

Whether presented behind opaque white glass or mysteriously behind slatted fronts - the contents are increasingly visible.



They can change the character of entire rooms - and were the secret stars at many stands in Milan: Accessories.

"We have enormous amounts of fun discovering new frequencies amongst all the background noise of interior and furniture design, new blips that up to now had no meaning."

Harald Klüh
Global Brand Manager

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