Worktop Shelves.

Everything at your fingertips, where it is needed.

The ideal place for basil plants, parsley, chives or even simply to have the most used kitchen utensils at hand - shelves and storage options in the immediate vicinity of worktops have become a trend.




Ergonomics is important in the kitchen. The closer the utensils are, the shorter the distance. So it is not surprising that the storage spaces seem to be getting closer to the work area. Usually in the form of shelf-like storage spaces that are no further than an arm's length away.

Sometimes mounted on the ceiling, sometimes recessed or sitting on the worktop. Sometimes with lighting, sometimes without. Sometimes staged as a prominent centre of the kitchen island, sometimes as a link between the base and wall cabinets. Or as a solitaire in its very own form. Shelves and open storage spaces are very popular.

close at hand.

Crossing kitchen islands with a kind of functional bridge is not new - but now can be found amongst almost all manufacturers.



Having the kitchen equipment available exactly where it is needed in hectic everyday life is essential for professional chefs. Everything has its place, is stored in a clearly visible position, is immediately at hand and at most one pivot step away.

Many kitchen brands in Milan tried to approach this ideal image and created open storage spaces, storage areas and/or hanging facilities around the kitchen island. "It was fascinating to see how well the manufacturers managed to balance ergonomics and aesthetics," says Harald Klüh. "Perhaps this is the blueprint for the kitchen of the future. Dematerialised. Ergonomic. Environmentally friendly. And beautiful."


"The arrangement of storage space around the fireplace has a tradition that has been going for thousands of years."

Andrea Molteni
Vice President
Molteni & C

Everything at arm's length and always at hand. Without having to open a door or a flap.

In the modern home, the contents of the cabinets play a new role - they are more visible and thus influence the room design. Glasses, bowls and dishes on an open shelf are not only readily available at all times, but in fact they become part of the furniture design.

Even if the cleaning of such open spaces is quite demanding - the visibility of your own belongings makes modern kitchens not only more comfortable but also makes each kitchen unique. "In fact, this is the most beautiful form of customisation," says Harald Klüh, "if you can own and design furniture with your own contents."


Perfectly positioned in the airspace above the worktop, the rack suspended from the ceiling provides direct access to the most used utensils - without limiting freedom of movement.